The Educational Building, the largest on the Campus, will have a capacity of 1,500 students, and is planned to open by the 2018/2019 academic year.

The main lecture hall by Izsáki Street, to be completed during the first phase of the project, will be able to accommodate up to 500 students. Equipped with modern teaching tools, the pitched auditorium of the lecture hall can be divided into three parts with a technology unmatched in Europe. Turning around its axis, the space can be separated into two smaller and a larger room providing separate spaces to hold three different lectures simultaneously. Moreover, the hall is a great place to organize conferences and events of different types. The educational building also features two middle-sized halls with a maximum capacity of 120 people each, 15 seminar rooms with capacity of 30 people seated, a particular so called stock exchange egg room that imitates the real stock exchange and a visualization room for students and teachers of all 6 departments of Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

The dean’s office is located on the 3rd floor, while the departments are housed at the southern part of the building. The lecture halls and department offices are provided with natural lighting and ventilation.


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