21st Century Architectural Design

One of the most important goals of the design process has been to create a progressive and exemplary public institution for the citizens of Kecskemét and the broader Hungarian public through various innovative strategies.

To achieve this, we have implemented solutions considered innovative in Hungary that facilitate education, environmental protection, and the maintenance and promotion of health among users of the buildings.

During the construction phase, we focused on using state-of-the-art energy sources, and we are planning to build a solar panel system leveraging the good location of the Campus and the high number of sunshine hours around the area. Outdoor community spaces and rooftop terraces will be furnished with benches meeting all electrical needs of the modern era, offering USB ports, charging systems, Wi-Fi connection, etc.

Next to the modern education technology the buildings are designed with environmentally-friendly solutions. We believe that it is a must to equip the educational buildings with state-of-the-art shading technology as well as thermal and acoustic insulation, to ensure economical operation and to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible.