21st Century Teaching Technology

With the traditional frontal education on the decline and 21st century teaching techniques gaining ground during past years, methods using integrated interactive tools have been brought to the forefront.
Now the role of students is invited to actively participate in the learning process by expressing their views adhering to the principle of two-way communications and by solving problems, doing tasks more efficiently, and acquiring greater knowledge as part of small-group projects.

The design of seminar rooms provides students a chance to learn curricular content through the use of new didactic methods. As a result, it is not only knowledge they will acquire, but skills assisting them in transitioning into the world of work as well.

At the Kecskemét Campus, several effective and modern tools that are not generally accessible at Hungarian universities will be available for studentsv (special applications, virtual spaces, real-time hologram projection)

The modern educational technologies also drive the on-going evolvement of distance education, a great way to achieve a balance between learning, work, and private life.

In addition to smart devices, computers, and Wi-Fi available for all students of the university, special applications help in achieving effective communications, creating clear schedules, and managing the life of the community.

As contemporary educational centres focus more and more on accessibility, Pallasz Athéné University, too, is developing solutions to serve the needs of a motion -sight or hearing impaired.

The university’s own social media platform provides an opportunity for students to keep in touch and to share up-to-date information with each other. This kind of community experience is also a key element in the ‘blended learning’ education program. This model combines the advantages of online digital media with traditional classroom methods. Students and lecturers can communicate with each other on a shared platform before or during preparing for class or creating presentations. Moreover, term papers can be submitted via the online tool as well.

This constant contact between students and lecturers together with the new, unique and modern technological solutions creates a vibrant, progressive university environment bursting with life at Pallasz Athéné University.