People with visual impairment may find the transcript of the video below.

Information for people with hearing impairment: there is background music playing during the video, but it does not contain any voice-over with relevant information.


The beginning of the video features the text ‘Kecskemét Campus’ and the coat of arms of Kecskemét, then the city is positioned on the map of Europe. The clip subsequently turns into a slideshow displaying the visualization of the buildings with only a few animated graphics.

Image 1: the entire Campus from a bird’s-eye view: modern, grey buildings with many green spaces around and between them.

Image 2: a closer look at almost the entire Campus from the side under a sunny, blue sky: the Observation Tower on front left and the Administration Building behind it. The upper part of the Education Building is seen behind the Administration Building with the dorms in the middle, the Knowledge Repository on the right, and the Multifunctional Building on front right. The skyway connecting the buildings is also featured in the picture.

Image 3: looking at the campus from the direction of the dorm buildings and the Knowledge Repository: in the middle left there is the Observation Tower. The left side shows the top of the Knowledge Repository, while the top of the Multifunctional Building appears a bit further behind. There is the Administration Building on the opposite side with the Education Building next to it to the right. Leafy, green trees stand between the buildings.

Image 4: the Education Building in the middle with part of the Administration Building popping into the picture from the left. There are students standing and sitting on round, orange benches in front of the buildings.

Image 5: paved pedestrian walkway between the buildings with the Education Building in the background.

Image 6: the same area from a different perspective: an ornamental pond in the front left and one of the dorm buildings behind green trees in the middle.

Image 7: the Observation Tower is seen on the left with a small part of the Multifunctional Building to the right of it, while a man and a woman say goodbye to each other in the forefront.

Image 8: the Observation Tower once again, but this time from a greater distance. Behind it, a very small part of the Administration Building is visible with lots of green trees around.

Image 9: the walkway that we have seen previously with people standing and sitting. Here we are getting really close to the buildings on the opposite side: parts of the Administration Building are visible on the left, bits of the Education Building exterior on the right. The skyway is seen at the top of the picture.

Image 10: the walkway again, this time from the shaded terrace of the Multifunctional Building where a few people sit in modern, red chairs. One of them is on the phone.

Image 11: from the shadow of the skyway, details of the Administration Building are seen in the middle, but most of it is blotted out by the trees standing in front of it.

Image 12: the main square dotted with trees as it is seen from the shadow between the dorm buildings and the Knowledge Repository.

Image 13: a passageway between the Education Building and Dorm Building 1 plus the area between the buildings with chairs, tables, and a few people standing or sitting. This is the last photo of the slideshow, as it is only followed by the logo of LIMA, the company that created the design.